Annual Report 2022 / 2023

This is the first report from the Patcham Gardening Network, having formed in
March 2022.

During our first year we held a public meeting whereby we constituted a
formal group and established a committee. Thereafter we set up a bank
account, joined as an affiliate member of the RHS, and held eleven meetings
on a monthly basis, all of which have been well attended.

To date we have 81 signed up members who as part of their membership
receive a regular newsletter. We arrange a plant swap/share table at each
meeting, which accepts donations if people have nothing to swap. So far this
has raised over £50 for the Ukrainian Refugee appeal.

The year started with a £20 annual membership or £5.00 per meeting. The
Treasurers report shows that we have a bank balance of £2,500 including a
£1,000 donation from the Councillors discretionary budget in March 2023.

One of our first projects was to apply for a grant to the Urban Tree Challenge
which was successful and enabled us to assist in the planting and care for 24
trees in Mackie Park with another 24 lined up for Vale Park in the Spring of
2023. 15 volunteers came out in all weathers to help.

We were also successful in applying for a £200 grant to purchase shrubs and
plants for the local area. We chose to support the planting in the Peace

During the year the group also arranged a visit to RHS Wisley and to One
Garden Brighton at Stanmer Park. In the summer we joined with the Friends of Mackie Park
to assist them in their campaign to improve the play facilities for children and
young people. In December we organised two Christmas Wreath making
sessions with Tony Dunn.

Not bad for our first year!
Sally Booth,  Chair