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  1. What beautiful weather we have had over Easter; enough to make you want to get out in the garden and plant things! 

    If you need inspiration why not try visiting one of the National Garden Scheme open gardens in Sussex. the Old Vicarage in Washington, for example ; open every Thursday or the Garden House in Warleigh Road Brighton which is open this coming weekend (23rd and 24th April) - but check in case you need to book. 

    The NG cheme  raises money for charity and we will be bringing some NGS booklets to the meeting on 27th April for more information. 

    The garden centres are now full of plants but why not try visisting a few 'home grown' nurseries nearby. With our carbon footprint to think about, how much nicer it is to buy plants by local growers as opposed to those off a Dutch lorry. Try Orchard Nursery and Plant centre in East Grinstaed, Pelham plants near Laughton in East Sussex or Landsdown Plants on the Littlehampton Road , Ferring , Worthing. 

    Don't forget if you are growing seedlings at home - and have too many we will have a plant swap table at our next meeting.

  2. With the fabulous weather we are having at the moment its time to get out in the garden and prepare for the surge of growth that comes with the onset of Spring. Now is the time to prune back buddleias and the clematis that flowered in late summer,  pot up dahlia tubers, plant gladioli corms, divide kniphofias. hostas, day lillies, delphiniums and agapanthus and plant alpines.

    If all this seems overwhelming just head off to a local garden centre or nursery and see whats for sale: an aunt of mine once said that if you buy a plant or two each month that is about to flower, you will have an all year round display of flowers or plants !

    Of course the instructions on seed packets give you advice on the best time to sow seeds, indoor and out, so if you are fortunate enough to have a greenhouse of warm windowsill, now is the time to start sowing veg and flowering plants ready for the summer. 

    If you do nothing else this March - please do come along to out inaugural meeting. We are hoping we can meet a range of people from new gardeners to experienced and knowledgable horticulturalist who can help us with our gardening network and set us on a fruitful and productive path for the future.